The Whisper Diaries (Part 2)

I found my voice

Quick? you say. “Yes” I reply, part 2 already! Well I have had a couple of topics written down for a while. I warn you nothing philosophical, quite ordinary.

Dreams, we all have them, or perhaps in the case of some, not. Mine have been a huge part of my journey, I believe that a lot of my healing has taken place within my dreams.

A few days ago after not having been blessed with dreams for a while, I dreamt. This time very interestingly I was getting dressed, ready, prepared, to go up into space. Although it felt more like a school trip……I didn’t get there unfortunately! Apparently if you do, you are well on the way to marvellous things.

From what I can remember, and it was extremely vivid, when I awoke, something went wrong. Was it somebody’s fault? I wish I had written that bit down in my journal, all I remember from there on was that I couldn’t find my clothes.

Haha! I was dressed, but my entire wardobe seemed to have followed me on this excursion, but was nowhere to be found amongst the mountains of clothes, which seemed to be in different rooms. I recall feeling slightly distressed about this. Funny, you would think I would have been more concerned about the fact that I hadn’t made it up to space.

I do and have come to various conclusions about this dream, a lot of help from google.

I would love to know your opinions. All types accepted philosophical, funny, sarcastic…..I invite all.

Thank you for reading if you got this far, perhaps not inspiring information, but I promise all true.

The Whisper Diaries (Part 1)

I found my voice

Yes, you could all be asking, what is she whispering about now?

Well, I have decided to start diary posts. Why? good question Sherlock!

I actually quite honestly miss just writing, I wrote my book and finished, I started poetry, which came very much out of the blue, and yes, I do journal every day, but it’s not quite the same, and I feel there are some topics, I would like to touch on, talk about, express, however you want to see it.

Being diary entries, I am going to make them short and sweet, so as not to bore the socks off you.

So, be on the look out for part 2, I shall be writing as and when I have time, so no pressure on myself. I do not work well with obligations, long story…..for another day! I realise that for some, this may not be your thing, and that’s fine, just swiftly scroll past, I will still be poeting and motivating (not sure that poeting is a word).